Wayne-Clause-BioThank you for taking the time to view my images.

Photography has always been fun for me. However, in the past couple of years the fun in photography has escalated into a passion for photography. Believe me, the fun is still there but my passion and desire to create great images has exploded! I will forever be a student of photography.

My images cover a range of subjects and themes.  I will photograph just about anything. In my shoots I have learned how beautiful this world is. There are gorgeous colors I find before sunrise and just a few minutes after sunrise. Minutes after the sun comes over the horizon it becomes so bright the colors are washed out. Most people only see these colors in photographs.  Photography has taught me to be patient. There are shots I would have missed if I hadn’t waited to see, for instance, what the clouds along the horizon were going to do. Sometimes I have to wait. When I do – the shot comes.

As you look at the images I hope you will see the fun, the passion and the desire to create great images in my work. Again, thanks for your time and interest in my work.